Yoga poses for lower back pain!


If you are having trouble with the pain in your lower back, this article is for you. Several studies have found that yoga can cure physical and mental illnesses. Through programs like 500 hour yoga teacher training, you will get several benefits and can practice stretching, strength, and flexibility.

Lower back pain is a complicated thing in day-to-day life. You will get back pain even if you are sitting all day at a desk, but this can be solved with the help of some yoga practices that you can do to release your lower back pain.

Here are 5 best yoga poses for lower back pain

1. Extended Child’s Pose with Blocks

The child will help you stretch your back and, most importantly, your upper body. This pose brings tension to your spine and midline of your body, relieving your back and lower back pain.

How to perform: 

Sit on your knees, and place two flat blocks at shoulder distance from your mat.  Further, stretch your hands, bring your palms onto the blocks, and push yourself and your back toward your heels. Press the block with the palms, keep your arms straight, and stretch your upper body.

2. Tricky Kitty

Tricky Kitty is an exercise for core development and stability. This pose will increase your stamina and strengthen your core, hips, shoulders, and back muscles. This is a stretching pose.

How to perform: 

Make yourself like a dog; come on to your hands and knees. Balance yourself on one knee and stretch another leg to match the straight line of your spine, and then line up your opposite arm in a straight line. This should be done so that your Arm, palm, and face are in a center line, and lift the thumb side of your hand toward the ceiling. Repeat several times on each side. 

3. Cobra

The cobra pose is one of the best to relieve lower back pain. The cobra pose is the exercise or poses that directly puts attention on the lower part of your back to get relief from the pain. It stretches your spine and breath-related issues.

How to perform: 

Lie down on your stomach in a face-down pose. Then place your palms on the side of your ribcage. The sole side of your leg should face toward the sky. Push your upper body upward. 

Remember that you have to use the strength of your backbone and lift your head and chest. Hold this pose for at least 10 to 15 deep breaths, then release your body and return to the start position. Practice this for getting relax from your lower back pain.

4. Lunge with a Twist

This is a twisting exercise, which helps in stretching and twisting moments of your core and spine and joint relief pain.

How to perform: 

Stand straight, move your right leg forward, bend your knees, and place a tall block on your side, straightening your left leg. Put your right arm on your right hip and your left arm on that tall block; now twist your upper body towards the right side. Do this for both sides.

5. Puppy Dog at the Wall

Puppy Dog at the Wall is a pose to stretch your back and hamstrings. This pose provides relaxation to your spine and lower back pain. This is a relaxing pose if your work is to sit for a more extended period. 

How to perform: 

Stand straight in front of the wall, and bring your hands to the wall at the height of your chest. Then move your body backward and stretch your back.


These are the best 5 yoga poses for lower back pain. Performing these yoga poses will help you with the problem of back pain. Yoga is how you can quickly solve a problem by just giving a few minutes of your life. If you searching for a Yoga teacher training school then you can check out Drishti Yogshala as it is one of the best yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh.