5 Sports that Americans Love to Watch

Sports that Americans Love to Watch

Not everyone is an athlete. But that does not stop spectators from enjoying sports as much as the athletes playing it. You can watch a live game from the stands or a live broadcast/stream using Spectrum Internet and TV services. But you still qualify as an American sports viewer. And just like millions of other Americans, you probably prefer certain sports more than others. Without taking away from the sports not on this list, here are 5 of the most-watched sports in the United States:

Major League Baseball Games:

Major League Baseball is one of the most popular “home-grown” sports in the United States. Many claim that baseball evolved from the British game of cricket.

Cricket is an international sport. But it has viewership limited to a handful of countries and former colonies. On the other hand, baseball has players and viewers primarily rooted in the United States.  

But it boasts a much larger and much more motivated audience. The MLB is the pinnacle for professional baseball players. Millions of viewers all over the country tune in to watch their home teams play against their rivals. And it is easily one of the most-watched sports in the country. 

National Basketball Association Games:

The National Basketball Association or the NBA is synonymous with professional basketball for many. NBA games are the highest experienced tier in basketball. And many professional NBA players have been elevated to demigod status.

So much so that they are now part of popular culture in the US. This includes all-time greats like Michael Jordan, the late Kobe Bryant, and of course, LeBron James. Most significant games are sold out from courtside seats to the back of the stands. And even more, people watch them live on TV.  

Professional Boxing Fights:

Pro boxing is by far the most-watched professional combat sport in the world. Also called the Sweet Science, boxing (and boxing films) have given us some of the most incredible and legendary icons in sports history.

From the late, great Muhammad Ali to the notorious Iron Mike Tyson to modern-day heroes like Floyd Mayweather and Saul Canelo Alvarez. The romance of the “puncher’s chance” seems to keep adding to boxing’s fame and popularity.  

Major boxing events are typically for in-person or PPV spectators only. And it is also one of the highest paying professional sports in the world. There have been dissenters who claim that boxing is now past its prime.

Others blame corruption and management fraud for the decline in popularity. But that does not take away from the brutal wars and incredible displays of courage you see in the boxing ring.

A knockout, a broken jaw, or a cut above the eye is hardly a staged event. Is there any wonder that millions pay good money to watch events like the Tyson-Wilder trilogy? 

UFC Mixed Martial Arts Fight Nights:

The UFC is the most recognizable name in mixed martial arts promotions. Since Dana White acquired the franchise, it has shot to superstardom. Like boxing, UFC only allows spectator access to people who buy tickets or a PPV.

Of course, MMA still has smaller payouts than boxing. And even the most anticipated UFC fights have a purse that is a fraction of that in a comparable pro boxing match.

But there is no denying that MMA is gaining popularity like a juggernaut. And in a few years, it has the potential to become the most dominant combat sport in terms of viewers.  

National Football League Games: 

The NFL rules the roost as one of the most popular sports in the United States. Most people outside the US instantly associate the NFL as a big part of American sports culture. The NFL, notably the Super Bowl series, is the most significant event.

Supporters rally behind their teams and urge their players to do their best. The Halftime Show in the NFL Super Bowl is one of the most hotly anticipated segments each year. And the final game itself is usually the most exciting climax of an already exciting football season.  

These are, by no means, the only sports to watch in America. Many people avidly follow sports like lacrosse, soccer, hockey, and racing. But these five are almost constant in most homes all across the country.

Many homes outside the US in other parts of the world also tune in on TV or stream these sporting events. Exclusive access to live sports and PPV events is one of the best reasons why cable TV is still holding its ground against streaming platforms. What other sports would you want to see on this list with your current cable plan? Sound off in the comment section below.