How Much Do Solar Panels Cost & How Do They Work?

People have long been using solar energy for their purposes in a wide variety of areas of life because it is the natural and cleanest energy source, moreover, it is quite cheap compared to others. Therefore, regular solar systems reviews are held, because everyone wants to choose the highest quality solar power system.

Solar Panels: Features & Benefits

Before you buy a house with solar panels, you need to understand the principle of their work and study all the details.

Solar panels –  a set of solar panels, each cell of which is connected to the other. The element absorbs the energy of the sun and turns it into an electrical charge. A French physicist, Edmond Becquerel discovered this phenomenon in 1839.

Now such inventions are not something fantastic. They are easily in use in everyday life, for example, you can install residential solar panels. The only caveat is that productivity depends on the amount of sunlight in the area used for installation.

The exploitation of this incredible invention has a large number of advantages:

  • No need for flammable products: You spend finances exclusively on the installation and installation of the system, then you get a clean and free energy source.
  • No noise: Direct renewal generates electricity, so there is no noise at all, such as in diesel or petrol installations.
  • Regular work: Batteries for special purposes accumulate the required amount of energy, so there is no need to turn the panels on and off, their work is automatically controlled. You are provided with electricity at any time of the day.
  • Stability and durability: From morning to night, solar panels generate energy, and productivity decreases slightly only at night. Compared to other installations, the panels are much more reliable: there will not be problems that they “do not start” or “run out of fuel”.
  • Maximum availability: Do you enjoy daily pleasant sunshine? So the installation of panels will not be a burden for you. The small size allows you to install the system in any area, the main thing is the south side and a minimum of shade.
  • Working duration: For at least 25 years, the solar panel will operate at full capacity, then it will decrease. However, 40-45 years of green power generation is guaranteed.
  • Power regulation: Choose your power. If you need minimal equipment for household appliances, you can take a small panel. For a whole house, larger sizes are in need. The average cost of solar panel installation depends directly on the dimensions of the station.

Those who have used the panels for at least a month, or at least seen their work with their own eyes, argue that the benefits of installing them are simply obvious:

  • Energy consumption (you decide which panel to buy).
  • Quality and stability of electricity (once spending a certain amount of money, you save yourself from interruptions in electricity and additional costs for 40 years. a logical question arises – how much do solar panels cost on average, it all depends on your desire).
  • Additional income (having over-fulfilled the plan by the required amount, excess energy can be sold to the authorities and receive money).
  • Possibility to insure solar panels.

Yet, despite so many advantages and huge benefits in use, there is another side of the coin, namely limitations:

  • In winter, work productivity is significantly reduced due to the lack of sufficient sunlight and its brightness. the closer to the north, the more installations are in need (in the south, the situation is much simpler).
  • A solar power plant cannot be in use for home heating.
  • The need for high efficiency.

Although the installation is universal, the absence of intense light will affect the overall performance of the batteries.

The Best Manufacturers of Solar Panels

The modern market provides a large assortment and a wide selection of brands. China, Germany, and Japan are considered the best-producing countries, and Taiwan is slightly behind. The minimum working duration is 40-45 years, and after 25 years, productivity decreases by about 20%. That is why these states are full-fledged leaders in the field of solar energy.

If we talk about companies, then professionals recommend the top five best:

  • LG Energy: A global manufacturer, issues a 25-year product warranty. It has been operating in the field of energy for more than 30 years.
  • REC Group: This is a European company, a relative newcomer to the market, but has already become one of the leaders in the production of solar panels around the world.
  • SunPower: This is an American brand that regularly innovates in production technology. A relatively high price fully justifies the quality and reliability.
  • Canadian Solar: A Canadian firm producing panels at low and mid-range pricing. Batteries work even in the most severe climatic conditions. 
  • JA Solar: Produces not only solar installations but also all components for them. It is among the most reliable.

When choosing, always focus on quality and price, because they often become the decisive criteria for purchase.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The cost of solar panels fluctuates a lot. It depends on many factors, ranging from the manufacturer to the power of the equipment. Also, the price depends on whether you carry out the installation yourself or turn to specialists for help.

Below we offer an estimated cost depending on the size of the system. They are based on 370-watt panels. The data is only approximate, for the exact price, please contact your local company.

System sizeNumber of solar panels*Average cost per wattAverage total cost (after tax credit)
4 kW11$3.25$9,100
6 kW16$2.95$12,390
8 kW22$2.85$15,960
10 kW27$2.75$19,180
12 kW32$2.75$23,100
14 kW39$2.60$26,936
16 kW43$2.60$29,860

The region also has a strong influence on pricing. For example, the cost of solar panels in Maryland will range from about $15,000, while the cost of solar panel installation in California will range from $12,622 to $17,078 on average. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Put Solar Panels on a 2000 Square Foot Home?

It all depends on the type of installation chosen. On average, the price ranges between $18,000 and $20,000, excluding benefits.

Do You Really Save Money With Solar Panels?

Installation of solar panels saves the financial condition at least twice. Full payback is felt after 2-3 years. In addition, the “extra” energy can be sold to the city authorities and turned into a profit.

What Are the Two Main Disadvantages of Solar Energy?

1. Relatively high cost (although it fully pays off after a while). 2. Dependence on weather conditions (if the sky is overcast, the installation will not work fully).