Shopping List for College Students

Today we will talk about food for students. Not about how to cook it correctly, but about how to make purchases. You have probably already noticed that when you are determined to eat right this week, very often plans and dreams are broken because you do not have the right products in the fridge or freezer.

And you order something, spend money and eat not the most healthy food. In general, many wellness coaches or financial literacy experts say that with well-thought-out lists of products with which you go to the grocery store and any other big stores like that, for example, Walmart, Target, and others, this is the secret of both big savings and thoughtful menus. Therefore, today we will pay attention to shopping lists, and how they can change your life for the better.

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Shop for Real You, Not a Perfect You

Before we get into some special products and special lists, we want to talk about the basic principle that you should follow when you make it or already buy something on the list. The main task is to buy something for the real you, that is, for your real life, for your real needs, for what you really eat, and for what you have time to cook.

Because very often you look at Instagram for some cool videos of interesting products, and recipes, or decide that from Monday you will start a new life and don’t buy any more snacks, don’t order pizza, and don’t use frozen food. But if you haven’t changed your life, then you don’t use these products and some of them will go to the trash, while you will spend extra money on buying other food and eat poorly.

Therefore, if you want to make some positive changes, do it gradually. For example, change some unhealthy snacks to healthy ones, but without touching your standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Buy more vegetables, but make sure they are the easiest vegetables to cook. Right now, if you already have a list of products, go through it and think about what products you put there under the influence of the video on Instagram, and what items on this list are for the perfect you, but not the real you.

Use Online Lists, but Customize Them

If you try to find a ready-made shopping list for students on Google, then you will definitely be offered a huge number of free and paid lists that you can use right away. But if everything was so simple, then we would not write this article. The fact is that any ready-made lists are not really prepared for your life.

And if you just download them, then print them out, or just save them on your phone, then you will save time now, but later in the store, you will be confused, because this list was not compiled for your place of residence, and you simply do not have such products. Or this list doesn’t take into account your peculiarities, for example, you are a vegetarian or vegan, or you currently don’t eat eggs or meat at all.

But these lists are a great base from which to customize them to your needs, which is what you will use every week. We advise you to download several lists – a list for a month and a list for a week and a list for a longer period, for example for one quarter. So you will see that we still do not eat the same thing every day.

And a list for a month, and sometimes a list with purchases for a quarter, will help if you see some products on discount, and you do not want to cook them right now, but you know that within three months you may need them. Therefore, download such lists, customize them for yourself, and use them from your phone. Try lists for your dietary restrictions, but consider your location. Not every country freely sells all fruits and vegetables, for example.

Follow Modern Coupon Clippers

Some time ago, people used to laugh, especially at the elderly and housewives who clipped coupons from various promotional offers. Now this tradition is experiencing its rebirth, and on TikTok and Instagram, there are different girls and guys who talk about how coupon clipping can help you earn and save very serious money on purchases.

It’s going from being creepy to being trendy, considering the new financial literacy we’ve been talking about. You will be surprised, but very often coupon clipping allows you to buy large quantities of food that you can freeze and then use to prepare the right food.

Also consider making sure you always have plenty of room in your refrigerator, as these purchases typically happen in bulk. This way you will save both time and money, and you will have enough food not to order it at any time, but to cook it yourself. Subscribe to coupon clippers and those who advise how to cook many delicious meals from simple food. It’s fun and interesting, you will feel like part of the community, not just a student trying to eat well but paying cheaply.

There is nothing difficult about making a shopping list. I’m sure you’ve done this more than once. Just made these lists on your phone or wrote on a piece of paper, and went with it to the grocery store or shop online. But now there are many opportunities to do it more productively.

There are pre-made lists, there are tips like we gave you today that will help you eat right and save money. There are apps where you can mark which products you are running out of and which are currently available so that you don’t overbuy but also don’t forget what you need. Try to use the maximum number of modern ways to diversify your shopping and make it efficient.