Planet Fitness Hours of Operation [Updated 2023]

The article offers a timetable of when Planet Fitness should be open. The long stretches of opening and shutting and the periods when they endlessly are not free are expressed.

You’ve come to the ideal place on the off chance that you’re searching for data on Planet Fitness working hours or, on the other hand, assuming you’re interested in whether Planet Fitness working hours might help you.

Planet Fitness Hours:

Day Time
Monday 24 Hours
Tuesday 24 Hours
Wednesday 24 Hours
Thursday 24 Hours
Friday 24 Hours
Saturday 24 Hours
Sunday 24 Hours

Planet Fitness Opening Hours:

Planet Fitness opens between 07:00 am and 07:00 pm, except for Saturday and Sunday. Clients of Planet Fitness are taken care of with appreciation and are equipped to invest top-notch energy there. It’s continually sublime to get off to a durable beginning.

Planet Fitness Closing Hours:

07:00 pm is the best time to stay at Planet Fitness on Saturdays and Sundays. While on Weekdays, the business undertaking is to be had for 24 hours. Clients can go to the business undertaking for 10 to 12 hours each end of the week. You can go whenever throughout those hours if you care about it.

Planet Fitness Weekend Hours:

The ends of the week are best for venturing into a Planet Fitness business undertaking. This is available to the general population. It’s continually a fulfillment to have an awesome time at Planet Fitness. You can also get together with buddies or your circle of family members at Planet Fitness for the reasonable end of the week.

Planet Fitness Saturday Hours:

Planet Fitness is open every day of the week, comprising Saturdays & Sundays. Clients are free to delight in their favored place contraptions during the long periods of 07:00 am and 7:00 pm. Any deal that you select, you might like and appreciate it.

Planet Fitness Sunday Hours:

Planet Fitness is a splendid region to spend your Sundays in if you are searching for something to do. You could store at Planet Fitness shops on Sunday from 07:00 am till 07:00 pm. Assuming that you are searching out an area, it can be shut on Sundays, but sit back and relax; there’ll be various spots across the United States where you could visit.

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Planet Fitness Holiday Hours:

Maybe there are explicit rules and kinds of getaways for organizations. For instance, Planet Fitness should be open 300 and 65 days of the year because of their clients. Coming up next are some of the more prominent, renowned ones:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Halloween day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Cuber Monday
  • Memorial Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday 
  • Easter Sunday
  • President’s Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Labor’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Black Friday
  • Veterans Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Columbus Day
  • Good Friday
  • Bad Friday
  • Father’s Day

Planet Fitness Christmas Eve Hours:

Planet Fitness gives its buyers the main examples practical on Christmas Eve, essentially sooner than Christmas. When taking advantage of this rebate, you could spend a pleasant hour on Planet Fitness. On an equivalent point, you might have to take notice of the Information Christmas Eve plan.

Planet Fitness Christmas Hours:

Because it’s miles a far-reaching outing on Holiday Day, Planet Fitness might be fit to supply its clients. It is potential to have a good time on Christmas Day with individuals at some stage in this extraordinary evening.

Planet Fitness New Years Eve Hours:

Planet Fitness can be open on New Year’s Eve. Those who are making arrangements to go to Planet Fitness on New Year’s Eve should twofold test their hours before reaching there, but they can still be available for you.

Planet Fitness New Years Hours:

There are various clean chances to inspect the open Planet Fitness on New Year’s Day to convey cute perspectives. Most Planet Fitness places are open over common business undertaking hours, but for more prominent records, go to their webpage or contact them in advance.

Planet Fitness Labor Day Hours:

Labor Day is a wonderful chance to go to Planet Fitness and have a great time there. It is prohibited for changes to be made during Labor Day weekend Planet Fitness. Those looking out for top-notch matters will pay a go to Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness Black Friday Hours:

Planet Fitness clients may moreover endeavor some of the fantastic Black Friday bargains. It’s for sure a way to make some flawless memories. Planet Fitness can be open for a more limited time on Black Friday. If it’s not too much trouble, contact your close-by location for comparative subtleties.

Planet Fitness Easter Sunday Hours:

There can be a Planet Fitness near you to be open over normal hours on Easter Sunday, with the goal that you be equipped to spend an hour there. Planet Fitness can help you on Easter Sunday, so you could likewise have to find a higher opportunity to move there.

Services Offered By Planet Fitness:

 Planet Fitness manages the cost of an immense assortment of administrations, which incorporates normal arrangements. As a result, you will be equipped to have a private mentor you decide whenever. While Planet Fitness’ charges are now low, different organizations give special gives at specific times.

Planet Fitness Social Accounts:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Time Does Planet Fitness Open & Close?

The active times at Planet Fitness assortment are from 07:00 am to 7:00 am. Their client service has been available 24 hours, given that they’re generally open constantly. Plus they have no Holidays so you can find them always open to visit at any time.

Is Planet Fitness Available on Independence Day?

Independence Day is presumably a popular day for people to go to Planet Fitness. You need to rely on it almost certainly to be open. If you want to go to a Planet Fitness near you, test the opening times, assuming it is open or shut.


The stop of the substance material is expressed here withinside the end. Concerning the holiday hours, they’re continually open to their clients to offer them a good time. Active times have furthermore been alluded to already. Before you travel, call your close by Planet Fitness to know if they have an area open near you.