Petco Hours of Operation [Updated 2023]

Petco is one of the largest retailers of pets in the United States. Both of their corporate offices are located in San Antonio.

Besides selling various pet products, this company also offers various pet services. Among the pets they sell are hamsters, small birds, fish, reptiles, and Guinea pigs. They also provide pet training and grooming services.

According to data, the company has approximately 1500+ locations throughout the United States and Mexico.

After signing an agreement with PETA, they stopped selling large birds, cats, and dogs.

Petco Foundation is a nonprofit organization. It was founded in 1999. More than $30 million is spent annually by the foundation on improving companion animal welfare.

Quick Info about Petco:

Company Name Petco Health and Wellness Company, inc
Industry Type Retail
Started this company 1965 (almost 56 years ago)
Headquarters San Diego, California, United States
Total Number of Locations 1500+
Main People Ron Coughlin
They offer products that include Live Animals and Pet Supplies
Total number of employees 25,000+

What are Petco’s Hours of Operation?

Petco operates more than 1500 stores in the United States. Most stores open at 9:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM. Many Petco locations are open twenty-four hours a day. Petco Hours can be found in the table below.

Days Timing
Monday 9:00 AM _ 9:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM _ 9:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM _ 9:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM _ 9:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM _ 9:00 PM

Their opening and closing hours may vary depending on where Petco stores are located. The following timetable lists most Petco locations’ opening and closing times. Petco is closed on the weekends.

What are the Petco Weekend Hours?

When does Petco open on Saturday?

Petco’s stores operate like any other regular day on Saturday. The store opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM.

Days Timing
Saturday 9:00 AM _ 9:00 PM

When does Petco open on Sunday?

Petco opens its store one hour late on Sunday at 10:00 AM and closes two hours early at 7:00 PM.

Days Timing
Sunday 10:00 AM _ 7:00 PM

Petco Grooming Hours:

If you want your pet to be groomed but are confused about grooming hours. You will find all the information you need below.

Days Timing
Monday to Saturday 8:00 AM _ 9:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM – &:00 PM

Petco Holiday Hours:

In the following, we mention the holidays when Petco opens almost all its stores in the U.S.

Holiday Open/Close
New Year’s Day
Open (Hours might be different)
Martin Luther King Day Open
President’s Day Open
Good Friday Open
Easter Sunday Closed
Memorial Day Open
Independence Day Open
Labor Day Open
Columbus Day Open
Veteran’s Day Open
Day before Thanksgiving Open
Operating time might be different
Black Friday Open
Christmas Evening
Open (reduce its operating time)
Christmas Day Closed

Petco Stores Near Me:

There are more than 1500 stores in the United States. Suppose you are wondering where the nearest Petco stores are. There is just one thing you need to do. Use their official store locator. When you use the store locator, you type in an email address, a zip code, or a city name. The Store Locator will show you the stores near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When does Petco open?

Petco opens most of its stores Monday through Saturday at 9:00 AM and closes late at 9:00 PM.

When does Petco close?

Most Petco stores close at 9:00 PM on regular days. 

How many hours did Petco operate each day?

Petco operates almost 24 hours a day.

Is Petco Open Today?

If today is not any federal holiday, then most of the Petco stores open morning at 9:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM.

Is Petco Open Tomorrow?

The Petco stores open at 9:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM, assuming there is no federal holiday tomorrow.

When does Petco close tonight?

Most Petco stores close at 9:00 PM on regular days. 


The company is a U.S. retail chain of pet stores. The company has more than 1500 stores, most operating above the timetable. The company was founded 56 years ago in San Diego, California, United States. I hope you found the information about Petco Hours helpful.