Nordstrom Rack Hours of Operation [Updated 2023]

Are you looking for a departmental store with all the facilities you need for wearing, furnishing, wedding or every day carry out? Nordstrom Rack is here to solve all your worries. It is a huge department store which has everything you need. 

In this article, you will learn about Nordstrom Rack, its operating hours, including opening and closing hours, weekend hours, holiday hours, additional information about Nordstrom rack, and other important working hours, all in detail.

Nordstrom Rack Hours:

Days Timings
Monday 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM

Nordstrom Rack Opening Hours:

Nordstrom Rack opens at 10:00 AM from Monday to Saturday. The store operates for 11 hours a day except for Sunday. The timings are reduced to Sunday. 

Nordstrom Rack Closing Hours:

After 11 hours, the store closes at 09:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. The timings of closing are reduced on Sunday.

Nordstrom Rack Weekend Hours:

Weekend timings are different. On Saturday, Nordstrom Rack operates for 11 hours. On Sunday, it is open for 8 hours only. Reduced timings are followed on Sunday.

Nordstrom Rack Saturday Hours:

On Saturdays, Nordstrom Rack opens at 10 AM, and after operating for 11 hours, the store closes at 09:00 PM. 

Nordstrom Rack Sunday Hours:

Sunday hours are not the same as the other days; reduced hours are followed. The store opens an hour late at 11:00 AM and closes early at 07:00 PM after operating for 8 hours. 

Nordstrom Rack Holiday Hours:

Nordstrom Rack remains open on most of the holidays, which include:

  • New Year’s day 
  • Martin Luther King Day 
  • President Day 
  • Good Friday 
  • Memorial day 
  • Independence day 
  • Labor day 
  • Columbus day 
  • Veterans day 
  • Day before Thanksgiving 
  • Black Friday 
  • Christmas Evening 
  • New year evening 

Nordstrom Rack remains closed on a few of the holidays:

  • Easter Sunday 
  • Thanksgiving 
  • Christmas day 

Nordstrom Rack New Year Hours:

The stores are open on New Year’s eve following the reduced hours for working. But the next day, Nordstrom Rack remains closed on New Year’s day as it is celebrated as an official holiday at Nordstrom Rack.

Nordstrom Rack Christmas Hours:

Nordstrom Rack is operating on Christmas evening following short timings. And on Christmas day, the store remains closed because of the official holiday. 

Nordstrom Rack Thanksgiving Hours:

Thanksgiving day is celebrated as a holiday at all stores of Nordstrom Rack, and the workers prefer to spend time with their family and friends. Though, the store is open on Day before Thanksgiving.

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About Nordstrom Rack: 

It is an American luxury department store chain whose headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington, and was founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin. It was founded in 1901. The stores are located in 468 locations. It served in areas of the United States and Canada. 62,000 people are working in Nordstrom Rack. 

Services offered by Nordstrom Rack:

This company has every department which you desire. It includes:

  • Footwear
  • Clothing 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Jewelry accessories 
  • Handbags
  • Home furnishing 
  • Wedding departments 

Nordstrom Rack Customer Care:

If you have any issues related to your products, you can call at 

1 888 966 6283 

If you want your query or complaint to be solved immediately within a day, you can go for a Live Chat with the customer support team. It is available Monday to Saturday, from 05:00 AM to 10:00 PM. And on Sundays, from 05:00 AM to 08:00 PM. 

For further information, you can visit their website at

Nordstrom Rack Near me:

You can visit their official store locator to find the nearest Nordstrom Rack stores. In the official store locator app, you must enter the city name, state name, or zip code in the search bar and then click the search button. This will show you a list of the nearest stores of Nordstrom Rack, its operating hours, and additional information like phone number and address. You can directly visit their store locator on the official website. 

Nordstrom Rack Social Accounts:

Nordstrom Rack Facebook:

Nordstrom Instagram:

Nordstrom Twitter:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Nordstrom Rack a luxury brand?

Nordstrom is considered a luxury department store, so the brands you get at Nordstrom Rack are luxury on a budget. So, unlike other off-price stores, Nordstrom Rack is full of respected brands. You’ve heard that if you find something you like and it fits, it’s an obvious buy. 

Can I return the products to Nordstrom Rack?

You won’t see it plastered on a sign behind the customer service counter. Here is some useful information for shoppers: you can return items you purchased at Nordstrom Rack to a regular Nordstrom store, and the transaction works the other way around.

What Are Nordstrom’s Paid Holidays?

They don’t offer holiday pay to seasonal or new employees. Seasonal periods are only 6 weeks. Overall, Seasonal will get scraps. However, Nordstrom does offer a higher-than-average hourly wage. The upside is that for a retail job, this is cake.

Can I return to Nordstrom after two years?

There are no time limits for returns or exchanges at Nordstrom. The best thing about Nordstrom’s retuNordstrom’sis how many days you have for returns.

Can I use a Nordstrom gift card at Nordstrom Rack?

Nordstrom Rack Gift Cards and eGift Cards don’t expire, have no fees, and are redeemable in stores and online at Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom. 


The company founded its off-price Nordstrom Rack division in 1973. It grew full-line and off-price divisions throughout the United States in the following years before expanding into Canada in 2014. In the American market, it competes with department stores, including Bloomingdale’s, MacyBloomingdale’scuMacy’s Saks Fifth Avenue.