Labor Day in the United States 2022

Labor Day

In this article you will get to know about Labor day, why it is celebrated and when from where Labor day originates, and what kind of things to be avoided on Labor day. Further, you will come to know about different restaurants, stores, and banks; whether they are working on Labor day or not.

What is Labor Day? 

It is a federal holiday to appreciate the effort of workers and employees. Labor day basically represents the Labor union movement, the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. 

History of Labor Day: 

Labor day pays tribute to the efforts and achievements of American workers and is traditionally observed on 1st May. It was created by the Labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894.

Labor Day Origin: 

Labor was first known in the 19th century when Labor activists forced a federal holiday to recognize the many contributions workers have made to America’s strength, prosperity, and well-being.

When is Labor Day 2022 celebrated?  

Labor day is also known as International Workers’ Day and is celebrated on May 5th in the United States. This holiday is intended to commemorate the struggles and sacrifices of the workers and Laborers movement. It is also known as May Day and is celebrated in more than 80 countries.

How many days until Labor Day 2022?

Here is the labor day counter that you can follow to find out how many days until Labor Day 2022.

Why can’t you wear white after Labor day?

This fashion rule can be traced all the way back to the turn of the century, Marie Claire reports. The unspoken rule and now very much spoken was created by the old money elite, hoping to elevate themselves above the nouveau riche, or newly wealthy.

Labor Day Quotes:

“Nothing will work unless you do.” — Maya Angelou

“I learned the value of hard work by working hard.” — Margaret Mead

“Without labor, nothing prospers.” — Sophocles

“Dare to be honest, and fear no labor.” — Robert Burns

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” — John C. Maxwell

“Genius begins great works. Labor alone finishes them.” — Joseph Joubert

“To find joy in work is to find the fountain of youth.” — Pearl S. Buck

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” — Émile Zola

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” — Aristotle

Is Labor day a federal holiday?

Yes, Labor day is celebrated as a federal day. It is celebrated in honor to appreciate the achievements of Laborers and other employees. 

What stores are open on Labor Day?

Following are the stores that remain open on Labor day

  • Kroger 
  • Publix 
  • Stop & Shop 
  • Trader Joe’s 
  • Whole Foods 
  • Dollar Tree
  • Macy’s 
  • Target 
  • Walmart 

What restaurants are open on Labor day?

Some of your favorite restaurants are available on Labor day includes:

  • Applebee’s 
  • Bonefish Grill 
  • Boston Market 
  • Burger King 
  • Buca Di Beppo 
  • Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen 
  • Denny’s 
  • Dunkin Donuts 
  • LongHorn Steakhouse
  • McDonald’s 
  • Panera Bread 
  • Starbucks 

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What banks are open on Labor day?

Labor day is a federal holiday and all the banks remain closed on Labor day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Costco open on Labor day 2022?

If you have any last-minute shopping then don’t worry, Costco remains open on Labor day and operates for full hours. 

Is Chick-fil-A open on Labor day?

Yes, Chick-fil-A is open on Labor day with the same operating hours so come and celebrate your day here.

What time does Walmart close on Labor day?

Walmart operates for regular hours during Labor day. It opens from 7 am-11 pm. Hours vary by location.

Is Starbucks open on Labor day 2022?

Yes, Starbucks is open on Labor day. Check-in at your nearest Starbucks on Labor day to grab your order first and do a healthy discussion. 

Is McDonald’s open on Labor day?

Yes, visit your nearest branch of Mcdonald’s and go ahead to search for different examples.

Is the target open on Labor day?

Yes, Target stores are open on Labor day and most of the stores are operating during regular hours. If you are late for school supplies or groceries you can easily check in there.

Is the hobby lobby open on Labor day?

Yes, it is open on Labor day and you must be aware of hobby lobby hours before visiting the stores. 

Is Goodwill open on Labor day?

On Labor, day goodwill remains open for their customers so you can easily visit their stores or get a quick phone for any confusion.

Is Publix open on Labor day?

Publix stores will be open on Labor day following regular operating hours.

Is FedEx open on Labor day?

No, FedEx will not be available on Labor day as the Laborers prefer to celebrate this holiday apart from work but home delivery options are available.

Does USPS deliver on Labor day?

On account of the federal holidays, the national mail service will not be operating so USPS will remain closed on Labor day.

Is Ikea open on Labor day 2022?

Ikea is a huge store that has to be open on Labor day following regular working hours.

Is Lowe’s open on Labor day?

The second largest hardware chain, Lowe’s will be open on Labor day so you can stop by the shop at any time to buy goods.

Is Planet Fitness open on Labor day?

Yes, Planet Fitness is open on Labor day following the strict rules and full working hours. It remains open 365 days in all.

Is the post office open on Labor day?

As a federal holiday, all of the employees will not be working so the services will not be available and as a result, all the branches will remain closed on Labor day.

Is the stock market open on Labor day 2022?

Usually, the stock market closes early on other days but on Labor day it remains closed for a full day so that foreign markets may halt trading earlier or later depending on the location.


This article provides brief but complete information about Labor day along with the different aspects of where Labor day is followed to remain open or closed. Most restaurants and stores prefer to operate on a holiday with normal working hours.