Easter Day in the United States 2023

Easter Day

Easter Day is a holiday all around the US. Sunday is a public holiday, so Easter Sunday is an official holiday. And Easter Monday, also known as Bright Monday or Renewal Monday, is a public holiday throughout most of the world. It is not only the case in the United States. 

This article will teach you about Easter day, its history, and how and why it is celebrated. Furthermore, it will tell you about which stores, restaurants, banks, and grocery stores are open on Easter day, all in detail. 


When is Easter 2023?

In 2023, Easter Day will be celebrated on the 9th of April, Sunday. It is also known as Resurrection Sunday, one of the most important days in the Christian faith commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead according to the instrument. 

History of Easter:

Easter began as a pagan festival celebrating spring in the Northern Hemisphere long before the advent of Christianity. The naming of the celebration as Easter seems to go back to the name of a pre-Christian goddess in England, Eostre, who was celebrated at the beginning of the spring. 

How is Easter Celebrated?

It is a tradition. Many Christians celebrate Easter with special church services, music, candlelight, flowers, and the ringing of church bells. In addition to Easter’s religious significance, it also has a commercial side. People cook a traditional meal, bake some special treats, color easter eggs, play games, and many more. 

Why is Easter celebrated?

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the belief in Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Christian tradition holds that the sins of humanity were paid for by the death of Jesus and that his resurrection represents the anticipation believers can have in their resurrection. 

How is Easter determined?

The simple standard definition of Easter is that it is the first Sunday after the full Moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox. Suppose the full Moon falls on a Sunday when Easter is the next. As a moveable feast, the date of Easter is determined each year through a calculation known as computus (Latin for computation).

What stores are open on Easter?

Following is the list of stores that remain open on Easter:

The Home Depot:

You can shop for all home improvement needs: appliances, bathroom decorating ideas, kitchen remodeling, patio furniture, power tools, bbq grills, and many more at the Home Depot. It is open on Easter day from 06 am to 10 pm. Home Depot is an American multinational home improvement retail corporation that sells and provides different services. 


Kroger is operating on Easter day. You can shop at low prices on groceries to build your shopping list or order online. Kroger is an American retail company that operates supermarkets and multi-department stores throughout the United States.  


Shoprite provides Digital Coupons, Shop the Circular, Video Spotlight, Delicious Dipping, Delicious probiotics, New & Delicious Too, Bowl & Basket, Wholesome Pantry, and many more. It is a retailer of supermarkets with stores in six different states. The Shoprite stores are operating on Easter with different facilities. 


Are you thinking of last-minute shopping? Go shop at the Safeway store or order online and get your groceries delivered to your doorstep. You can use different offers at Safeway.

It is an American supermarket chain. This chain operates on Easter from 06 am to 11 pm, providing grocery items, food, and general merchandise and features a variety of specialty departments, such as bakery, delicatessen, floral, and pharmacy.  


Are you a pet lover? And if you are concerned about your pets, you can get the best pet supplies online and in-store! PetSmart offers quality products and accessories for a healthier pet that you can find in the store’s pet services. It is operating on Easter.

This American chain of pet superstores provides services, including grooming, dog daycare, dog and cat boarding, veterinary care via in-store third-party clinics, and dog training. 

What restaurants are open on Easter?

The restaurants that remain open on Easter are:


It’s Easter, and you want to eat outside with your family and friends, so visit Applebee’s Neighbourhood Grill, where you can enjoy lively American casual dining, classic drinks, and local drafts. It operates on Easter, and you can get salads, chicken, pasta, burgers, and riblets (Applebee’s signature dish). 

Boston Market:

Boston Market, known as Boston Chicken, is an American fast casual restaurant chain. It has fresh rotisserie chicken meals, prime rib, cornbread, and many more. You can order online or on our app for pickup or delivery. Don’t worry! It is operating on Easter as well. 

The Capital Grille:

The Capital Grille is a fine dining restaurant & steakhouse. They use only fresh ingredients for our artfully prepared dishes. It is an American restaurant chain of upscale steakhouses operating in twenty-five states. You can visit the restaurant on Easter, don’t forget to check the location hours before visiting.  

Bob Evans:

Bob Evans Restaurant, also known as Bob Evans, is an American chain of restaurants. They eventually established a separate food division to handle selling their products in other markets.

It operates on Easter from 07 am to 08 pm, providing breakfast foods, steaks, chicken, seafood, burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts, beverages, and many more. 


Denny’s is an American table service diner-style restaurant chain. It operates above 170 restaurants in many countries. It is always open and opens on Easter as well. You can experience the best in family dining for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as they operate 24/7.  

Fogo de Chao:

Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse, is a full-service churrascaria restaurant chain in Brazil and around the world. This restaurant serves rodizio-style food.

This ritual in this restaurant is that customers turn a marker green side up to get meat or red side up to no longer receive meat. It is operating on Easter day, providing you with fire-roasted high-quality meats. 

What is fast food open on Easter?

These fast food restaurants are open on Easter:


What else do you need if you are getting more than just great coffee? Starbucks is an American multinational chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves. It is the world’s largest coffeehouse chain. Starbucks operates on Easter and serves in 84 countries, providing coffee beverages, smoothies, baked goods, sandwiches, and many more. 


How is it possible that one can never visit McDonald’s on holidays? McDonald’s is serving it on Easter. Now you can get minion toys with every Happy Meal. It is an American-based multinational fast-food chain.

McDonald’s serves more than 40,031 restaurants all around the world. It is best known for hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and french fries, and its menu includes other items also.


Whataburger is an American regional fast-food restaurant chain. It operates on Easter for regular hours, providing you with hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches, french fries, milkshakes, and much more. They are serving more than 880 locations.

What banks are open on Easter?

Most of the banks are closed on Easter due to the public holiday. 

Grocery stores open on Easter Sunday:

The list of Grocery store open on Easter are mentioned below:

Stop & Shop:

The Stop and Shop Supermarket Company, Stop and Shop is a regional chain of supermarkets. This chain operates around 415 stores chain-wide. This is not only a grocery store but a huge super with various departments. You can visit the Stop and Shop as it remains open till the last minute.  

Trader Joe’s:

Trader Joe’s stands for value which means you are always falling for tasty, unique products offered at the lowest prices we can muster. It is an American chain of grocery stores.

This store operates more than 530 stores across the United States. Trader Joe’s operates on Easter providing private-label staple foods, organic foods, and specialty products. 

Whole Foods:

Whole Foods is a multinational company in America. It sells products free from hydrogenated fats, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Whole Foods is best known for its organic selections. It operates in more than 500 locations providing catering, online shopping, and home delivery.


You can shop at Ralphs at low prices on groceries to build your shopping list, or you can order online. If you need pets, food, or household cleaners, add what you need to your instacart order and have the groceries delivered to your home or drive by Ralphs. It is operating on Easter day, providing you with various facilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Easter a federal holiday?

No, Easter is a Christian holiday and not considered a federal holiday. 

Is Easter a national holiday?

No, Easter is not a national holiday in the United States. 

Does FedEx deliver on Easter Sunday?

No, the delivery is closed on FedEx. 

Does USPS deliver on Easter Sunday, 2023?

No, there will be no regular mail delivery on Easter Sunday at USPS in 2023. 

Is Aldi open on Easter?

Aldi stores will be closed on Easter Sunday but will reopen on Easter Monday from 08 am to 08 pm. 

Is Chipotle open on Easter?

No, Chipotle remains closed on Easter and varies with location. 

Is Costco open on Easter?

If you want to shop for your favorite dinner or Easter side dishes, you’ll have to move to another side because Costco remains closed on Easter.

Is the cracker barrel open on Easter?

Yes, you can visit Cracker Barrel on Easter so you can enjoy dining in, or you can carry out. 

Is CVS open on Easter?

Yes, CVS is operating on Easter with normal hours. 

Is Dollar General open on Easter?

Yes, Dollar General is operating on Easter following regular hours. 

Is Dunkin open on Easter?

Most Dunkin branches are open on Easter following regular hours. 

Are dutch bros open on Easter?

Yes, Dutch Bros is operating on Easter. 

Is Easter Monday a holiday?

It is not a federal holiday, so it is not generally observed nationwide, but some of the locations observed Easter Monday as a holiday. 

Is Goodwill open on Easter?

Goodwill is not operating on Easter as it remains closed because of the holiday. 

Is HEB open on Easter?

No, the store chain remains closed on Easter. 

Is h-e-b open on Easter 2023?

No, the stores will be closed on Easter. 

Is Home Depot open on Easter?

Yes, being the largest retailer, Home Depot is open on Easter. 

Is Kohl’s open on Easter?

Kohl’s has been following a tradition of remaining closed on Easter. 

Is Lowes open on Easter?

No, Lowe’s officially announced that it would remain closed on Easter. 

Is the mall open on Easter?

Generally, malls remain closed on Easter on account of the holiday. 

Is McDonald’s open on Easter?

Yes, McDonald’s remains open on Easter serving the meals with exciting offers. 

Is Meijer open on Easter?

Yes, the stores will remain open on Easter, as always. 

Is Menards open on Easter?

Yes, Menards operates on Easter from 08 am to 06 pm after the reduced hours. 

Is PetSmart open on Easter?

Yes, PetSmart is available for your pets on Easter, so you don’t need to worry. 

Is planet fitness open on Easter?

Yes, Planet Fitness is open on Easter following regular hours. 

Is the post office open on Easter Monday?

Easter is not a federal holiday, and the US Postal service will be open on Monday as the post office only closes its doors on federal holidays. 

Is Publix open on Easter?

Publix, one of the largest grocery chains, is closed on Easter. 

Is Ross open on Easter?

Yes, Ross is open on Easter day for regular hours, so when you visit the shop to buy goods, check the hours before leaving. 

Is Sam’s Club open on Easter?

No, Sam’s Club remains closed on Easter and follows the same holiday hours. 

Is Starbucks open on Easter?

Starbucks is the world’s top coffee chain, and it remains open on Easter. 

Are the stop and shop open on Easter?

Yes, Stop and Shop are open on Easter, just in case. If you need to shop for something in the eleventh hour, then you can rush towards Stop and Shop. 

Is Taco Bell open on Easter?

Yes, Taco Bell is open on Easter. 

Is the target open on Easter?

All Target stores will be closed on Easter, and the store will reopen before and after Easter Sunday. 

Is the easter bunny real?

Well, there is no actual bunny that was once recognized as iconic here. The legendary egg-laying rabbit is said to have been brought to America by German immigrants in the 1700s. Children would make nests for Oschter Haws to leave behind eggs. 

Is Tom’s thumb open on Easter 2022?

Yes, the Tom Thumb will be open on Easter, providing you with the groceries. 

Is Trader Joe’s open on Easter?

Yes, Trader Joe’s operates on Easter with full services for regular hours. 

Is Walgreens open on Easter?

Yes, most Walgreens stores remain open on Easter following normal working hours. 

Is Walmart open on Easter?

Yes, Walmart will remain open on Easter as it is open on most holidays. 

Is Walmart pharmacy open in Easter 2023?

Yes, Walmart pharmacy will be operating in Easter 2023 for regular hours. 

Is Wegmans open on Easter?

Yes, Wegmans remains open on Easter. 

Are whole foods open on Easter?

Yes, Whole Foods supermarket remains open on Easter, providing you with all the facilities. 

Is Winn Dixie open on Easter?

Yes, Winn Dixie is operating on Easter for regular working hours. 


Now you can get an update on all the stores, grocery stores, banks, restaurants, and all other places open on Easter. This article provides information regarding the history of Easter, how and why it is celebrated, and what is open on Easter 2023.