Aurora Outlet Mall Hours of Operation [Updated 2023]

Aurora Outlet Mall Hours

Are you looking for a place where you can get different clothing brands under one roof along with other clothing or beauty purposes, deals, a colossal food place, and many more? Aurora Outlet Mall provides you with all these facilities, from shops and services to amazing vibes, food deals, and promotions. 

You are at the right article here where you will learn about Aurora Outlet Mall, its operating hours, including opening and closing hours, weekend hours, holiday hours, and additional information about Aurora Outlet Mall and other important working hours, all in detail.

Aurora Outlet Mall Hours:

Days  Timings
Monday 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM 
Tuesday  10:00 AM to 09:00 PM 
Wednesday  10:00 AM to 09:00 PM 
Thursday   10:00 AM to 09:00 PM 
Friday  10:00 AM to 09:00 PM 
Saturday  10:00 AM to 09:00 PM 
Sunday  10:00 AM to 07:00 PM

Aurora Outlet Mall Opening hours:

Aurora Outlet Mall’s opening hours vary with the occasion. So contact the customer support team before visiting the store. Usually, Aurora Outlet Mall opens at 10 AM from Monday to Saturday for more than 10 hours a day. And on Sunday the mall opens at 10 AM or later.

Aurora Outlet Mall Closing Hours:

After operating for more than 10 hours, Aurora Outlet Mall closes the stores at 09 PM, and the same closing timing is followed from Monday to Saturday. But the hours are reduced on Sunday, so the stores close in the early evening at 07 PM. 

Aurora Outlet Mall Weekend Hours:

Except for Sunday, the timing is the same throughout the week. Due to the weekend, reduced hours are being followed by Aurora Outlet Mall. So make check their website before visiting the store on Saturday and Sunday. 

Aurora Outlet Mall Saturday Hours:

Aurora Outlet Mall opens at 10 AM on Saturday like other weekdays, and after working for 11 hours, the stores close at 09 PM. These hours are the regular working hours for Aurora Outlet mall and its customers, so it’s an advantage that they provide complete services on Saturdays too. 

Aurora Outlet Mall Sunday Hours:

On Sunday, the hours are reduced due to an official holiday. Most people go out later than on other weekdays. That’s why Aurora Outlet Mall Sunday Hours vary with the day. On Sunday, Aurora Outlet mall opened an hour later than usual at 10 AM or later, and after half a day of working, the stores closed at 07 PM. 

Aurora Outlet Mall Holiday Hours:

Aurora Outlet Mall usually remains open on most of the holidays that, include:

  • New Year’s eve
  • New Year’s day 
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day 
  • Valentine’s Day 
  • President’s Day 
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday 
  • St. Patrick’s Day 
  • Tax Day 
  • Good Friday 
  • Easter Monday 
  • Cinco de Mayo 
  • Mother’s day 
  • Memorial day 
  • Father’s day 
  • Independence day 
  • Labor day 
  • Columbus day 
  • Halloween 
  • Veterans day 
  • Thanksgiving day 
  • Black Friday 
  • Christmas eve 

Aurora Outlet Mall is mostly closed on the following holidays:

  • Christmas day 
  • Thanksgiving day 
  • Easter Sunday 

Aurora Outlet Mall New Year hours:

Good news! Aurora Outlet Mall remains open on New Year’s eve & New Year’s day as well. So mark your calendar and make a list of things you need on New Year’s day and rush towards Aurora Outlet mall and get exciting deals and offers. 

Aurora Outlet Mall Christmas Hours:

Unfortunately, Aurora Outlet Mall is not operating on Christmas day due to an official holiday worldwide. But you can get your last-minute shopping done on Christmas eve at Aurora Outlet Mall because the store operates on Christmas eve for reduced hours. 

Aurora Outlet Mall Thanksgiving Day Hours:

Aurora Outlet Mall remains closed on Thanksgiving day due to the public holiday because most people want to spend this holiday with their family and friends. That’s why Aurora Outlet Mall remains closed on Thanksgiving day.

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About Aurora Outlet Mall:

The Town Centre at Aurora, formerly known as Aurora Mall, is an enclosed, two-level regional shopping center located in Aurora, Colorado, and covers a leasable area of over 1 million square feet. It lies at the center of the commercial and retail district in the area. This outlet mall is located in the center of Aurora. It was opened in 1975 and operated more than 125 stores.

Services offered by Aurora Outlet Mall:

Aurora Outlet Mall provides you with the best services:

  • Comfortable children’s play area
  • Bath & body works
  • Beauty and healthcare 
  • Different clothing brands 
  • Jewellery 
  • Accessories and many more

Aurora Outlet Mall Customer Care:

If you have any query or if you want any information about the mall timings or any other detail you can contact their customer support team on the given phone number (630) 585 2200

Outlet Security: (630) 692 1462 

For further information, you can visit their official website

Aurora Outlet Mall near me:

Are you looking for the location of Aurora Outlet Mall? You can visit google Maps, add your current location and then look for the Aurora Outlet Mall. It will show you the mall location, the proper distance and time, operating hours, phone number, and address.

Aurora Outlet Mall Social Accounts:

Aurora Outlet Mall Facebook:

Aurora Outlet Mall Instagram:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best day and time to visit Aurora Outlet Mall?

The best day and time to visit the Aurora Outlet Mall is from Monday to Friday between 01 PMPM to 05 PMPM. It is usually not busy at this time. 

Can I bring my dog along with me to the mall?

Yes, the environment of Aurora Outlet mall is amiable. You can bring your pets along with you. There are great deals available for you.

How is it to visit the mall on the weekend?

It’s pretty good, but on weekends the mall is crowded. Though the weekends offer great deals at the stores, it’s too busy. The best suggestion to visit the mall is on weekdays. 

What attractions are near Aurora Outlet Mall?

There are many attractions near the mall, including:

  • Lindt Chocolate Shop 
  • Paramount Theatre 
  • Cantigny Park & many more. 

How many stores does Aurora Outlet Mall have?

The Aurora Outlet Mall has more than 125 stores. 


Aurora Outlet Mall provides its customers with all the facilities to fulfill their shopping needs under one roof. This plaza welcomes shoppers to experience top-of-line shopping and a spacious parking area. They have national retailers, stores, restaurants, and famous places.